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Mentorus Consulting provides expert services to deliver excellent proofreading of your coursework, assignment, essays and dissertations and correcting errors relating to sentence structure, grammar, spelling and formatting mainly. Our professional proofreading team also runs weekly sign-up sessions to engage students on learning ‘proofreading skills’ especially designed to help you excelling in Essay Writing and academic journey. Our native English proof-readers can typically return your proofread work within just a few business days of beginning work. We can also work on expedited timelines and have your job done in as little as 1-2 business days.


At Mentorus Consulting, we provide you customised supervision for your research work. We understand that the dissertation writing contributes major credits to your academic program and therefore offer end-to-end support in supervising your research proposals, literature reviews, data analysis and dissertation writing. We believe in teaming up – therefore, our supervising team focuses on areas of improvement in your study and mentors you to cover the gaps by step-by-step guidance on your research subject.

Online Tutoring

Our expert tutoring service makes it easy for you to appear in exams. We mentor you throughout your academic journey to cover difficult courses and deliver tough exams. Our tutors are qualified to deliver knowledge through use of advanced methodologies of teaching. Our focus is meeting the gaps in your learning and develop you as an expert in your choice of field – Contact us for an A in your next academic milestone. 

Mentorus Consulting is the educational consultant, be it your needs for proof reading
your coursework, supervising your dissertation or mentoring you through the exams.

With our experience in facilitating students from top schools and universities in the UK, we are able to take on even
the most complex roles of mentoring you throughout your academic journey.


Mason, Liza

I have finally submitted my dissertation and I am so grateful to my Mentorus Tutor who guided me at every step of research. If it would not have been you, I would have never been able to deliver the project on time. Your supervision for my methodology and instant availability over Skype to help me when I was stuck are the best part of your service. Thank you. I am referring you to all my friends.

Wilson, Sarah

In as much as I have been paying for your services, I think I have not taken the opportunity to say a big thank you for your services. I am glad to receive my work completely proofread by your team. I also like the idea of getting a one-on-one session with your team for learning good proofreading tips. This is next on my things to do list. See you soon again.

Xiao, Xin

I really appreciate your efforts during my exams for marketing services and accounting. I easily passed them with an ‘A’. Your online tutoring sessions have given a boost to my grade and i am so glad I met you online. Your tips on organising exam answers were amazing. Strongly recommended.